WorkSource Oregon Assembly Worker in Springfield, Oregon

Requirements: Experience using a tape measure Employer Preference: 1 to 6 months of assembly experience General Description "Responsible to safely assemble ceiling panels and attach hardware per company product standards and drawings. Meet quality and schedule requirements for the workcenter. Be an engaged and effective team member to accomplish workcenter and company goals. Character (a "good fit" with the company) Works cooperatively with others Communicates effectively by giving and receiving feedback. Participate in the creation and maintenance of a clean and safe work environment Understand your role's expectations and asks for clarity if in doubt Willing to be crosstrained and support other work centers as needed Maintains a good attendance record as per the policy requirements Continually uses his or her best efforts at work (is accountable for own personal effectiveness) Compatibility (a "good fit" with the department) Builds healthy working relationship within the department Participates in work center and process improvement Works safely by following policies and maintaining a clean environment Works effectively with team members to safely meet production goals Capability (a "good fit" for the role) Execute Production priorities Effectively communicates with the work center Lead and department Supervisor Follows direction given by the work center lead or department supervisor Proficient at moving and handling materials within the work center Understands assembly fundamentals: correct placement,index and remainder backers, grading, correct fasteners Able to assemble panalized linears, grilles, lay-in grilles Able to lay out panels to check module Able to install clips and hardware of all types, and t-bar to tiles and assemblies Able to assemble jobs requiring scrim,dowels,hybrid profiles, pre-drill and screw applications Able to make repairs,remove and replace members, color match and apply putty Confident with grading,quality, and repair decisions Able to package assemblies at the work center Good understanding of product standards Is capable of setting up a work center to address the specific needs of a project including delegating tasks to peers Able to troubleshoot jig issues: squareness, lid and backstop placement,storyboards,combs,scrim overhangs,dado width and depth Equal Opportunity Employer